French Subject Verb Agreement Exercises

French Subject Verb Agreement Exercises: Improving Your Grammar Skills

French is a complex and beautiful language that requires a lot of practice to master. One of the key aspects of French grammar is subject-verb agreement, which can be a challenge for both beginners and advanced learners.

Subject-verb agreement refers to the match between the subject and the verb in a sentence. In French, this means that the verb form must change to agree with the subject in terms of gender and number. For example, “Je mange” (I eat) uses the verb “mange” because the subject “Je” is singular and first person. However, “Nous mangeons” (We eat) uses the verb “mangeons” because the subject “Nous” is plural and first person.

To improve your French grammar skills, it`s essential to practice subject-verb agreement exercises. Here are some exercises that you can use to strengthen your skills:

Exercise 1: Choose the Correct Verb Form

In this exercise, you`ll be given a sentence with a blank space where the verb should be. You`ll need to choose the correct verb form based on the subject and the tense. For example:

Les chiens ___ dans le parc. (aboyer)

A. aboie

B. aboient

C. aboyez

The correct answer is B because “Les chiens” is plural, so the verb form “aboient” should be used.

Exercise 2: Match the Subject and Verb

In this exercise, you`ll be given a list of subjects and a list of verbs. You`ll need to match the subject with the correct verb form. For example:


– Tu

– Les élèves

– Le chat

– Nous


– Jouer

– Manger

– Prendre

– Parler

The correct matches would be:

– Tu joues

– Les élèves mangent

– Le chat prend

– Nous parlons

Exercise 3: Fill in the Blanks

In this exercise, you`ll need to fill in the blank spaces with the correct verb form based on the subject and tense. For example:

Je ___ à la plage tous les étés. (aller)

The correct answer is “vais” because “Je” is singular and first person, and the present tense form of “aller” for this subject is “vais”.

These exercises will help you improve your French subject-verb agreement skills and become more confident in using the language. Remember to practice consistently, be patient with yourself, and seek out additional resources such as textbooks, online tutorials, and French language forums. Bonne chance! (Good luck!)